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Breaking Cajal Club News

The Cajal Club is pleased to present: "Cerebral Cortical Cell Types"

A satellite meeting of FENS 2016 

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In other Cajal Club news: 

The Cajal Club is delighted to announce this years Krieg Cortical Kudos Awardees:

Discoverer: Jeffrey Macklis 

Explorer: Maria Lehtinen

Scholar: Marc Coutanche

The awards were presented at the Cajal Club Social, held Sunday night, October 18th, at SFN 2015 in Chicago.

Click here for photos from this great event and the ensuing dinner


 The Cajal Club was founded in 1947 with three main goals in mind:


·       To provide an opportunity for neuroscientists with special interests in the structure and function of the nervous system to confraternize

·       To contribute to the welfare of neuroanatomy (structural neuroscience) and neuroanatomists

·       To revere the founder of modern neuroscience, Santiago Ramón y Cajal.

Toward these ends, the Cajal Club now sponsors:

·     A major social event and dinner at the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting

·     Outstanding international symposia (for example, Mardid, Stockholm, Querétaro, Pavia, Barcelona, Crete)

·     The annual Krieg Cortical Kudos Awards for senior, midlevel, and young researchers, with major cas prizes

·      Krieg Lifetime Achievement awards, with a special medal (King Carlos I of Spain and Constantino Sotelo, Pablo Rudomin, Anders Björklund, Ricardo Miledi, Rita Levi-Montalcini, Pasko Rakic and Paul Allen, Tomas Hökfelt)

·     The prestigious annual Pinckney J. Harman Memorial Lecture


 Recent Cajal Club News 

The Cajal Club is pleased to announce Arturo Alvarez-Buylla was elected our next President-elect (Nissl Body)


Click here for pictures of the Cajal Club at SFN 2015


Please help us to idnetify the people in this picture. A schematic drawing with numbered faces is coming soon. If you can identify any of the people please email the webmaster with the names and corresponding numbers. Click on the image to view it in high resolution in a new browser window

Image from the 1952 Cajal Club Meeting

Enlargement of the above picture showing (at center, from left to right) Wendell J. Krieg, Rafael Lorente De No and Pinckney J. Harman


                                   Past Meetings  
2011 - The Cajal Club sponsored the always popular Cortical Development meeting in Crete.

2009 -The Cajal Club held a very successful International Meeting, entitled "Camillo Golgi and Modern Neuroscience". The meeting took place at the Department of Experimental Medicine, Section of General Pathology “Camillo Golgi”, Palazzo Botta, University of Pavia, Italy, from September 29 – October 1, 2009. The symposium featured several talks on Golgi's great discoveries. In addition the Krieg Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Nobel Prize Laureate Rita Levi-Montalcini by our former President, Larry Swanson.
Special thanks go to Marina Bentivoglio, Paolo Mazzarello, Gordon Shepherd and Edward Jones. Please see the Pavia 2009 link for pictures from the meeting in Pavia.

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Click here to view pictures from the Seattle meeting.

Please see the Pavia 2009 link for pictures from the meeting in Pavia.

Click here to see photos from the SFN 2009 Cajal Club Social

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