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Brain Structure and Function Editor's Award

Brain Structure and Function, in collaboration with the esteemed Cajal Club, has instituted an annual 'Editors' Choice Award'. This prestigious award will be presented at the annual Society for Neuroscience (SfN) conference. Our senior editorial team meticulously reviews each publication from the preceding year, honoring the authors of the most outstanding article with this accolade. This initiative underscores our commitment to celebrating groundbreaking neuroscientific research and the brilliant minds propelling our understanding of the brain's structure and function forward. We are delighted to recognize and commemorate the exceptional contributions of our community at the SfN annual conferences.

Previous winners have included:​

2022 | Winner

  • Quentin Montardy


2022 | Runner-up

  • Meltem Karatas

2020 | Winner

  • Hong-Hsi Lee

2020 | Runner-up

  • Habon Issa


2020 winner Hong-Hsi Lee


2020 runner-up Habon Issa

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