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Past Officers

Full list of past officers below.


This section features the annual Cajal Club dinner, 2010, held during the annual Society of Neuroscience meeting. 


Pictured left to right: Pasko Rakic, Edward (Ted) G. Jones, Charles E. Ribak, John Rubenstein, Lora O'Leary, Larry Swanson and Clifford Saper.

Secretary-Treasurers (Apical Dendrites)

  • Charles E. Ribak (2006-2024)

  • Henry J. Ralston (2001-2006)

  • David G. Whitlock (1981-2001)

  • Howard A. Matzke (1967-1981)

  • Wendell J.S. Krieg (1966) [Interim after Harman’s death]

  • Pinkney J. Harman (1947-1966)

Cajal Club_larry wanson_pasko Rakic_Caja

Left to right: Pasko Rakic, bust of Cajal and Larry Swanson. Photo by John Rubenstein.

​Historian-Archivists (Alpha Helices)

  • Larry W. Swanson (2008-present)

  • Duane E. Haines (1986-2008)

  • Glenn V. Russell (1974-1985) [Proceedings V4, p. 23, 67]

Cajal Club_pasko Rakic and past presiden

Pasko Rakic's birthday celebration 2018. Back row from left to right: Gordon Shepard, John Kaas, Vivian Casagrande, Efrain Azmitia, Lawrence Kruger and Charles Ribak. Front row from left to right: John Rubenstein, Pasko Rakic, and Dennis O'Leary. 

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