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Cortical Evolution | Burgos, Spain 2023


Cajal Club | Satellite Meeting | Burgos, Spain

Cortical Evolution

The Cortical Evolution symposium occurred recently, a confluence of minds focusing on the progression of mammalian and primate cerebral cortexes. The symposium served as a platform to expand our comprehension of cortical evolution's impact on both normal and abnormal human brain functions.


Esteemed academics from research institutions spanning from the Americas to Asia attended. The conference attracted approximately 200 participants, an assortment of faculty and students, each contributing their studies in a visual and engaging poster presentation format. In addition, a select group of six abstracts were given the opportunity for concise oral presentations.


The symposium was organized into five distinct sessions, encapsulating a wide range of themes. These spanned Paleoanthropology, Cortical Development, Cortical Expansion, Evolution of Cellular Types, and concluded with Evolution of Cortex and Behavior, ensuring an in-depth exploration of cortical evolution.

burgos cathedral flowers

Burgos Cathedral Juxtaposed with Flowers

zoltan molnar

Zoltan Molnar

 veronica martinez-ceredno at atapuerca excavations

Veronica Martinez-Ceredno at Atapuerca Excavations

burgos cathedral

Burgos Cathedral

rubenstein and cajal neuron

Rubenstein and Cajal's Cerebellum

burgos old town

Burgos Old Town

cajal dinner martinez-cerdeno, bruner; noctor, rubenstein, molnar

Cajal dinner with Martinez-Cerdeno, Bruner; Noctor, Rubenstein & Molnar

neanderthal cortical evoliution

Neanderthal Cortical Evoliution

cajal dinner, bruner, noctor, martinez cerdeno, benavides, puelles

Cajal dinner with Bruner, Noctor, Martinez-Cerdeno, Benavides & Puelles

luis puelles

Luis Puelles

cajal dinner, silver borell, herculano-houzel, ohtaka-maruyama, puelles

Cajal dinner, Silver Borell, Herculano-Houzel, Ohtaka-Maruyama & Puelles

veronica martinez-cerdeno, ruth benavides

Veronica Martinez-Cerdeno and Ruth Renavides

end of meeting celebration; Krienen, Silver and others

End of meeting celebration: Krienen, Silver and others

zoltan molar, ohtaka-maruyama; kawasaki

Zoltan Molar, Ohtaka-Maruyama, and Kawasaki

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