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Structure, Function, and Development of Neural Circuits | Irvine 2023


Cajal Club | Satellite Meeting | Irvine

Structure, Function and the Development of Neural Circuits

2023 Neural Circuit Conference: A Retrospective

The CNCM 2023 Conference on “Structure, Function and Development of Neural Circuits,” co-sponsored by the Cajal Club, Center for Neural Circuit Mapping (CNCM) at UC Irvine, and Allen Institute for Brain Science, was held on August 21-23, 2023, at the Beckman Center of the National Academies of Sciences and Engineering, Irvine, CA. 


The conference was widely regarded a huge success by the over 240 attendees from around the world. The conference was organized by Cajal Club Board members, Drs. Hongkui Zeng, Leah Krubitzer (Cajal Club President), and John Rubenstein, along with Dr. Xiangmin Xu (CNCM Director), and facilitated by Dr. Charles Ribak (Cajal Club Secretary-Treasurer).


We were grateful to have a stellar group of speakers who brought unique perspectives to the theme of integrating the different facets of neural circuits – structure, function, development and disease. Speakers and session chairs include Cajal Club Board members Corey Harwell, Leah Krubitzer, Liqun Luo, John Rubenstein and Hongkui Zeng, past Krieg Cortical Kudos awardees Ed Callaway, Denis Jabaudon, Leah Krubitzer, Linda Richards, John Rubenstein, Nenad Sestan and Xiangmin Xu, NIH BRAIN Initiative Director John Ngai, Nobel Laureate Thomas Sudhof, and this year’s P. J. Harman Lecturer Tirin Moore.

Uniting Neuroscience and Neuroanatomy Leaders

This year's conference brought together a distinguished roster of  leading researchers in neuroscience and neuroanatomy. The speakers offered unique perspectives and in-depth insights on the theme of integrating the different facets of neural circuits. The discussions ranged from the latest technologies in neural mapping to the implications of circuit dynamics in health and disease.

Workshops and More

In addition to the main conference proceedings at the Beckman Center, attendees had the opportunity to participate in specialized workshops. These were held on the UC Irvine campus and offered a more hands-on experience, allowing for deep dives into specific subtopics and methodologies.


A Look Back Through Photos

This photo essay serves as a conference retrospective, capturing key moments that encapsulated the spirit and intellectual vigor of the event. From keynote addresses to panel discussions and poster sessions to networking breaks, these photos offer a glimpse into a front-of-the-field gathering that sought to push the boundaries of our understanding of neural circuits.

CNCM Conference PANA0114

Charles Ribak welcomes attendees at the start of the meeting, using the Cajal Club Gavel to officially begin the CNCM Conference.

krubitzer lecture

Leah Krubitzer lecture

ribak sudhof

Charles Ribak and Thomas Südhof

ngai lecture

John Ngai lecture

CNCM Conference PANA0106

Charles Ribak's opening remarks for the CNCM Conference.

Irvine Anteater

Irvine Anteater

CNCM Conference PANA0116

Panoramic view of the conference.

benevides lecture

Ruth Benavides-Piccione lecture

meeting participants

UC Irvine Meeting Participants

niell lecture

Cris Niell lecture

vicares, benavides jurado rubenstein encinas

Instituto Cajal speakers Carlos Vicario Abejón, Ruth Benavides-Piccione, Maria Angeles Jurado, John Rubenstein, and Juan Manuel Encinas

Sestan Pasca Luo

Sestan, Pasca, Luo

oka lecture

Yuki Oka lecture

sudhof calloway oka

Thomas Südhof, Edward Calloway, and Yuki Oka

richards lecture

Linda Richards lecture

zeng molofsky

Hongkui Zeng and Anna Victoria Molofsky

sears lecture

Karen Sears lecture

xu ribak

Xiangmin Xu and Charles Ribak

sudhof poster

Thomas Südhof visits poster sessions.

ngai richards Lo

John Ngai, Linda Richards and Terry Lo

Tosches lecture

Maria Antonietta Tosches lecture

Igarashi chou Cline

Kei Igarashi, Shen-Ju Chou, and Hollis Cline

Zeng lecture

Hongkui Zeng lecture

past KCK awardees krubitzer rubenstein benevides, jaudubdon, richards, calloway, sestan, x

Past Kreig Cortical Kudos awardees: Leah Krubitzer, John Rubenstein, Ruth Benavides-Piccione, Denis Jaudubdon, Linda Richards, Edward Calloway, Nenad Sestan, and Xiangmin Xu

vicario lecture

Carlos Vicario Abejón lecture

zaborsky schridde

Laszlo Zaborsky and Ulrich Schridde

davidson lecture

Alec Davidson lecture

cajal club officers ribak rubenstein krubitzer, harwell, zeng, swanson, luo

Cajal Club Officers Charles Ribak, John Rubenstein, Leah Krubitzer, Corey Harwell, Hongkui Zeng, Larry Swanson, Liqun Luo

cajal dinner group bi, baudry, holmes gall, davidson arnold

Cajal dinner group Xiaoning Bi, Michel] Baudry, Todd Holmes, Christine Gall, Alec Davidson, and Donald Arnold

cajal institute speakers jurado, encinas, vicario, benavides, ribak, rubenstein

Instituto Cajal speakers Maria Angeles Jurado, Juan Manuel Encinas, Carlos Vicario Abejón, and Ruth Benavides-Piccione with Cajal Club Officers Charles Ribak and John Rubenstein

ribak and sudhof

Charles Ribak and Thomas Südhof

miller lecture

Cory Miller lecture

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